Link Cree LED bulbs

I recently purchased to Cree bulbs for some lamps in my basement. They are very easy to control and I am able to control them individually via the SmartThings App. I can turn them on/off and dim them. I would like to be able to control them both from one single button and slider in SmartThings. How do I do this?

Try the color coordinator app in the marketplace. You can assign bulbs to follow one bulb.

I know that there are other apps like this out there, but I only use this for one case and it works well.

If you want things to happen Automatically with out a slider, use rule machine. That is my typical use case.

The Cree bulb doesn’t show up as an option to control in Color Coordinator

I created a virtual dimmer with Better Virtual dimmer, and use the Dim With Me smartapp to control two bulbs. When I turn on/dim the virtual dimmer, it sends commands to the two bulbs.

Would you care to walk me through importing the code into my ST? I did it once with my Garage door and it was very well written. You can take this offline if you want to my email.

I pieced it all together from searching and finding this thread: Better Dimmer Device - #6 by twack

Basically, log into the API, create the new device type for the virtual dimmer, paste the code for the Better Virtual Dimmer. Save, publish.
Create a new device, use the new virtual dimmer device type (should be at the bottom of the type dropdown).
Create the smartapp in the API, paste the code of the Dim With Me smartapp. Save, publish.
Install the smartapp from the SmartThings app (Marketplace > SmartApps > My Apps).
Pick the virtual dimmer as the master dimmer, and the bulbs as slave dimmer switches.


You can also use Trend Setter. It works great for me

If you’re willing to put in the effort to get up the learning curve, Rule Machine is the trick! Rule Machine Version 1.7 Released