Using SmartThings smart button to dim below 10%?

Is there a way to be able to dim a bulb down to 1% with the st smart button? I was using the smart lighting app in SmartThings but it only goes down to 10% and my daughter needs it lower for her night light.

I’m using scenes to get my hallway lights to the appropriate levels for my kids’ bedtime, but still triggering the scene with Smart Lighting.


This is a limitation of smart lighting, not of the device itself. It was probably done that way because many popular zwave switches won’t dim below 10%, but of course all the smart bulbs will.

You can use webcore to dim lower than 10% or some of the other custom code.

But I like @MarkTr ‘s suggestion better: just use a scene, and then you can still use smart lighting. :sunglasses:

Beware some of my LED Bulbs will not turn on to 1% but will dim down to it. So I have to start at 8% and then go down to 1%.

If light level changes to 1%
And light was off
Then using light
Set level to 8%
Set level to 1%

I too like the Scene idea. However, sometimes Scenes don’t trigger for me so I stopped using them.

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