Dim 2 switches at the same time


I have a number of GE Smart Dimmers. 2 of them are in the same room. How can I dim both of them at the same time. From the shortcuts you can only turn on and off each one individually and can’t even dim them because there is no gear to get to the preferences. From the connected devices I can click on the gear and do each one individually. Any help would be appreciated.

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The easiest way is probably to use “the big switch” smart app. It’s available from the “more” section of the smart set up in the official mobile app.

There are a number of other smart apps that will also do this, such as “dim with me” and “dim and dimmer” they all offer slightly different features.

See the “community created smart apps” section of the forum for more of these:


I think you can just use dim with me. Dim With Me App Updated

Install 2 versions of it, one with one of the switches as a master and the other as a slave and then a version with them swapped. Or if you only use one switch most of the time, just set that one up as the master.