Combining multiple lightbulbs to act as 1

Ok newbie question I have been looking everywhere (because I hate asking newbie questions) but everything I find is outdated. The Big Switch, long press to combine, etc. I just got my first lightbulbs and my light needs 2 of them to work so how can I turn them on and off in the app with the push of 1 button? I have them automated to come on when we come home but I want to be able to turn them off without switching the the light switch.

Again sorry for the probably very easy question. I have had smartthing for a couple months now but everything has been garage doors, ecobee, and front door locks. this is my first attempt at lighting.

I use an app called dim with me. It controls 2 smart bulbs that are in the same fixture.

This app + virtual dimmer gives me one switch/dimmer that will control the 2 bulbs together.

You can do this with the smartapp Smart Lighting.

Shot, just realized you want to do it with an app button.

I think you can do this with a routine.

Take a look at this device handler for a Minimote $19.95 at

This will give you virtual buttons that you can press to control things from your phone or Minimote.

You will also need a smart app to tell what the buttons do. You can use Button Controller +

Or the more powerful Rule Machine

This might even work without actually having a Minimote and just use your phone as the controller.

thank you so much the Dim with me app worked perfectly. I knew there should be an easy way to do this. I think I am going to buy light switches next time so I don’t have this problem or the bigger problem is my 2 year old likes to turn light switches on and off so I am sure this switch will be off when I really want it on.

Create a virtual switch. Use either rule machine or smart lighting and create a rule controlling both bulbs and the virtual switch as the trigger.

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if you use Philips Hue the new Hue (Re-Connect) app includes Scenes and Groups for doing this.