Ge smart dimmers + smartthings/logitech harmony integration

is it possible to use two GE smart dimmers on a 3 way switch, instead of one smart dimmer and one add on switch?

would it work the same using two smart dimmers? so one switch would turn on the lights and the other would be able to turn them off and dim them? and vice versa?

would i be able to pair each dimmer on the 3way to a different z-wave controller? i want to have one controlled by smartthings and the other controlled by my logitech harmony. i know harmony works with smartthings, but you can’t get the devices to show up in the activities menu… they are placed in another devices submenu.

hello so i have a similar setup like you. I do not think you can put 2 dimmer switches in that same circuit.
But to accomplish what you want since i have a harmony ultimate and ST i can tell you it works perfectly fine. So you add the dimmer to your ST and then from harmony you connect to smarthings. Then you allow access to all or whateve device is connected to ST. Therefore, you can control afterwards everything through ST.
So for example, i have an activity called watch TV, which turn on my TV. my media center to correct inputs and then it turns of certain lights and dims 20% my family room lights. All the light stuff is smartthings controlled.
The activities are edited in your phone app and your remote or pc app. You can add any ligths do do whatever you want from there…

The GE add-on switch functions as a dimmer when it’s a slave to a smart dimmer. Just hold the up or down instead of tapping it to brighten/dim. I couldn’t tell you about pairing to different HA hubs.