Digoo IP cam

These cameras seem to be dirt cheap. Wondering if they would work through Smarttiles? They say they can be viewed through a browser so I’m hopeful.

Anyone used?


and look at this, same brand

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I like the look of that. £30!!

I had a look at specs and read the reviews/queries. It looks like you cant get to the configuration, so extremely limited. Not even sure you can get a URL.

I see a review that can be use with Blue Iris. So it’s very similar to Yi cam.

" I used the IOS app to configure and the cameras linked right up to my wifi. Getting the cameras to work with Blue Iris with ONVIV was quick and easy but the camera would stream for around 30 seconds and then drop. I played with the options and discovered that if I disable the ‘Send RSTP keep-alives’ option the drop out issue went away. I am quite pleased with the little cameras and they are definitely a good value for the money."

So can you change the port from 8080?

So I bought one of this camera for $18 bucks to play around. It’s actually not bad. I was struggling to change the default password and settings at first. Once I updated to the latest firmware. It was a breeze. I only use their app for setting it up. The App permissions are crazy. It wants pretty much everything. I used a tablet for setting it up due to these permissions. Once it’s up. I have it in my blue iris with Onvif and block the camera from Internet access with my router. It’s been up a week without issue. You can use their apps with all the bell and whistle but having the server in china is a little creepy. Unlike the Xiaoyi Yi camera this one does have password protection. The night vision is better than Yi cam but the red infrared LEDs are bright at night and I don’t see an easy way to disable it.

This camera is so cheap because anyone can access it in the cloud server.

To access config and url for any onvif cam you can use ONVIF device manager. Just Google it, you’ll see that it’s very convenient.