Different temperature settings on different thermostats

When I set a house mode (Home, Away, etc.), I want to be able to set different temperatures on different thermostats. For example, one temperature setting for the main floor and a different setting for upstairs. Right now your app only allows for one temperature setting for both thermostats.

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You can install multiple “keep me cozy” instances and do it that way, then set each one to control a single thermostat

Dashboard, hit + at bottom, swipe over to More, Green Living, Then choose Keep Me Cozy or Keep Me Cozy II, And then Install. Give it a name (like Zone 1) and configure it for just 1 thermostat.

Repeat the above, give it a different name (Zone 2, perhaps) and configure it for the 2nd thermostat

Should work just fine!

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Thanks for the workaround.

I made a Setpoint manager. Right now I have it setup to have a different instance of the SmartApp for each Thermostat, but it can have several setpoints for mode groups.

Thank you for the info.