Thermostat Setpoint Manager

I know you can use Hello, Home phrases to set thermostat setpoints, but it doesn’t allow you to do different thermostats at different temperatures for the same phrase and I also find them a pain when I want to change them. So, I created the Thermostat Setpoint Manager.

TSM changes both the heating and cooling setpoints for a thermostat (or set of thermostats) based on mode. You can assign the same setpoints to a group of modes to minimize on entering a bunch of stuff. If you want different setpoints for different thermostats, you can use another instance of the SmartApp.

I’ve been testing it for a few days and have not run into any problems. Let me know if you see anything that needs to be fixed. Enjoy!


I definitely plan on trying this! Thank you for sharing. Will let you know if I run into anything weird.

Did this work for you?

Eric I cannot find this code anymore…do you have an updated link?


Does anyone have a copy of this code? I’m having problems with Alexa setting temp in auto mode that causes a battle between the fireplace and thermostat due to the heating and cooling setpoints being the same.

Just out of curiousity…im not a coder why does your code say " Delete thermostat-setpoint-manager.groovy"
Why delete? and it shows up in red?
I know how to cut and copy the code, but didnt want to inadvertently delete something. Thanks!

I’m not sure where you’re seeing this.

Not sure why it was either, there was a toggle that when I switched changed the view back to the code and got rid of the “delete”. Anyway I have installed this and it seems to be working great!
Thank you!
A few quick questions. If you edit the number of groups does it over write all the groups or truncate/expand on the existing groups? I have not checked…
If a mode change occurs and the group does not exist, does the thermostat still use the setpoints from the previous/last mode?