Different sets of users/groups for multiple locations

I have the opportunity to further deploy more hubs/sensors at different properties, and noticed that it appears I can only share all of my hubs/locations with everyone or nothing.

Is there anything in the works that might support having some locations be shared among different parties for app connectivity? Some examples: small workplace, shared getaway house, etc.

Would love to continue using and spreading adoption of ST, but this seems pretty hard to work around… (login/logout of different accounts in the app, but lose notifications and presence sensing?)

Eagerly awaiting better controls here too. This, in my opinion, is ST’s biggest current failing.

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Doesn’t seem so hard to workaround. Switch your notifications to SMS, and buy some presence sensors instead of using your phone.

There’s a pretty long list of things wanted in the app, and I wouldn’t expect this one to come any time soon.

That’s not a viable workaround. In this day and age, there’s no reason not to have granular access controls - they’re trivial to design and implement. The fact that they weren’t implemented from the outset sorta defies explanation. Being forced to give someone else FULL control over my ST because they don’t exist borders on insanity. No one but me should be able to modify settings/configuration, add/remove Things, etc. I should be able to grant anyone I choose the ability to interact with my Things, particularly to turn lights on/off, use their mobile phone as presence, see the state of Things, set modes, and various combinations thereof. It’s not at all unreasonable to expect even a basic set of controls, such as View all, Interact, Full control, but more granularity wouldn’t be that hard either.

A real world example: I installed a ST hub and 23 Things at my parent’s house a couple months ago. Being somewhat new to ST, I didn’t realize that by using my account with their hub, I’d be forced to give my parents FULL control of my hub, let alone theirs. I spent several hours yesterday removing the Things from their hub, removing the hub from my account, creating one for them, and then adding everything back. For the moment, I have to switch accounts on my device so I can recreate Things configuration and SmartApps. My parents only need to be able to get notifications, see state of Things, turn on/off lights, and set modes. Anything else is aggravating - my Dad’s already inadvertently screwed things up twice in less than 24 hours.

Another example: If I go on vacation, I’d like to be able to give a neighbor access to see the state of my Things and to receive notifications.

It’s annoying for home automation, but for home security It’s hard to consider ST a viable tool until this is fixed.


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@JamesM exactly the same situation that I have. +1 to this feature request!

Just installed hub at the workshop now, only to find out my crew has access to my home ST too! What!?
This feature is a must-have!

Follow http://SmartTiles.click as it let’s you spawn custom Dashboard URLs.

I know @625alex is thinking of ways to improve this to possibly match your requirements more closely.

ST has had user level access granularity on the road map (as far as we’ve been hinted) for a long time. It will eventually be implemented, I’m sure.