Different Alexa devices respond differently

Forgive me if this has been discussed before, elsewhere, a million times. I do not even know how to begin finding results with the searches I’ve done. My issue is this: my echo dot responds to requests that there are “multiple devices that share that name. which one did you want?” Obviously she’s a liar, there are not multiple devices, nor are they deactivated like she also says at times. The echo dot used to work fine. When I ask, with the same words, a different echo device (show), there are no issues. Everything works fine.

So what gives? I know I’ve had this happen before and don’t recall what I did, if anything, to remedy the situation. I would contact amazon’s alexa support but clearly they’re useless. Has anyone else even had this issue?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :scream:

I’ve had very good luck with Amazon support for Echo, I would definitely try them for something like this.

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LMAO. Add them to a group and name the group something more unique. That’s what I has to do.

Adding them to a group would do nothing. The issue isn’t with alexa overall. It is specific to one alexa device, so there must be something to do to that one device to fix the issue.

I had this problem. My great room has an ecobee sensor that shows up in Alexa as both motion and temp sensors and I have an actual motion sensor. I named these Grate Room, since I know which is which inside of smartthings. I also have a light I refer to in smartthings as great room. Recently the Alexa app was updated to include motion sensors, I can’t figure out why yet but I can guess. That means I now have 4 devices Alexa sees as grate room. I had to go into smartthings and rename them to unique names. This same thing happened to three other rooms in my house. Not a big deal and its all good now.

You can now trigger an echo routine (not a smartthings routine) when a sensor detects something. :sunglasses:

I suspected it was something like that. I didn’t add any motion sensors into any of my Alexa groups yet. I was really hoping I would be able to say, “Alexa, turn the light off 2 minutes after motion stops” or something like that. Maybe it’s coming. I’m still waiting for the ability to control based on a timer. “Alexa, turn the bathroom fan off in 15 minutes”