Differences between GE switches

Hi there, im kinda confused about what is the differences between those 2 switches

  1. GE 45609WB

  2. GE 14291

I assume both would work with smarthings?


Both work with SmartThings.

The second one is a newer version of the first one, that’s why it says “Z wave plus.”

The zwave plus model will give you longer range for the signal and somewhat easier pairing in place.

Recently the newer ones have been the same or even a little lower price than the older ones as the older ones are getting discontinued and harder to find.

Last generation model start with a “12” and newer generation models start with a “14.” The 45609 is the manufacture code, it’s the same as the 12722 model.

Both are fine, I personally would get the newer one for preference. :sunglasses:

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Its not the dimmer one

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I think the 45609 is the older version thta does not have the neutral wire.

I had to use three of these to replace the switches on some lights that didn’t have neutral in the box. Since they don’t have neutral, they leak a bit of current through the circuit all the time. This means that LEDs don’t dim down as far with them.

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Its almost a 20$ difference!!!
i guess ill get the older one, i have a 1400sq condo
Do u think range is gonna be an issue since i have a lot of zwave device across

There been three generations of these switches so far.

The very first generation did not require a neutral wire, and was compatible only with incandescents.

The 45609 is the manufacturer code for the 12722. That’s the second generation. It does require a neutral wire and it does work with LEDs. It’s just using a fourth generation Z wave chip instead of the newest Z wave plus chip. It was sold under both model numbers.


The third generation of the Switch is the zwave plus model. Still requires a neutral, works well with LEDs, just has the Z wave plus benefits.


Hi those are switches, its not the dimmer ones
funny how they put GE45609 but the product number say 12722

Thanks for the complete answer :slight_smile:

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Every GE Zwave Switch has two model numbers. One from the actual manufacturer, who is Jasco. And one for GE. You can find them sold under either number.

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I just looked up my order history, and it was 45639 that I got that didn’t need a neutral. So close…


Do the Z-Wave Plus models now officially work with SmartThings? I have a number of 14294’s and I’ve been using a custom DTH for them for a while since they weren’t originally supported.

If they now work with stock DTH’s I’ll be switching mine over, as I’ve been trying to reduce the number of custom DTH’s I’m using.

No stock DTHs yet, so they cannot run locally.

Any certified zwave switch should work for basic on/off/dim with the stock DTH.

If you want the advanced features like double tap then you have to use custom code for now.