Fibaro Dimmer 211 Device Handler Issue

Hi all,

I’ve just had a Fibaro Universal Dimmer installed along with a momentary switch to control some ceiling lights. I chose the 211 model because the 212 doesn’t have official Smartthings support … and I’m coming to regret that decision.

I managed to add the dimmer to my Smartthings just fine. The next thing I did was to copy the Fibaro Universal Dimmer device handler template from the US Smartthings site (doesn’t seem to be available on the UK site), making sure to uncomment the 50Hz parameter line and saved it as a custom device handler. So far so good.

Now I can turn the lights on and off with Smartthings. However the dimming functionality is completely screwy:

*The brightness of the lights maxes out at what Smartthings thinks is about 20-30% dimming. If I increase it above 20% it doesn’t get any brighter, but if it’s set anywhere above 29%, then upon turning the lights on they’ll immediately turn off again - almost as if some failsafe is engaging to prevent too much power going through them.

*Additionally, as soon as the lights are dimmed up to around 15% or more, they cannot be dimmed down again.

It looks as if there’s a mismatch between the dimming levels being set by Smartthings and those of the dimmer.

Has anyone had any experience using the Fibaro 211 dimmer and, if so, which device handler did you use?

I’ve also used inpier’s custom device handler with parameter controls but I couldn’t get it to work.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Never mind - I managed to get it to work 15 minutes after posting this :sweat_smile:

For anyone who ever has the same issue, here’s what I did:

  1. I used inpier’s configurable device handler initially to set the min and max brightness for the dimmer (parameters 12 and 13) to 10 and 20 respectively.

  2. After saving that configuration to the device and confirming it worked, I switched back to Smartthings’ Fibaro dimmer device handler.

And boom! Works perfectly. I think the issue was that my LED lights have a very narrow dimming range, i.e. 10-20 compared to what the Fibaro dimmer can do.

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