Get White Attribute from COLOR_CONTROL Color Picker


(Jakeholland) #1

The standard COLOR_CONTROL picker has a white temperature selection, but I see no way of getting the temperature out of it. In fact, if I select a White color, once going back to the picker the color selected is in the RGB color area. Does anybody have any links to full documentation of the color picker?

The object I get back for it looks like this: [red:255, level:100, hex:#FFFF00, blue:0, saturation:0, hue:0, green:255, alpha:1] I don’t see anything regarding colorMode.

(Scott G) #2

Hi Jake, this version of the Color_Control picker is brand new with the latest mobile app updates, and the new white section doesn’t appear to be fully functional yet in my testing. The color picker was never well documented, but the position was/is controlled by the color attribute, which is the hex value in the data map. I imagine the new control will require a change since the hex value could refer to either a color or white temperature selection.

I don’t remember alpha being part of the color map, so that may be the colorMode indicator. Unfortunately even if that’s the case, you’d have to determine the color temp from the hex value, which isn’t the easiest thing to do. I suspect there is more to come for this control like enabling it to call two different actions based on where you make a selection.

I’d love to get more info too though. @Jim any word on when the color stuff will get a doc overhaul?

(Jakeholland) #3

Thanks for that info @Sticks18, glad that I am not just missing something. I hope the SmartThings team can chime in on this with some information. I just started getting into writing device types as a start to programming in the SmartThings platform (I am a software developer as a profession) a few days ago, and I have been unpleasantly surprised at the inconsistencies with documentation and differences across versions and OS’s. I really hope that I just came into the platform at a bad time, but looking at what others have said to me thus far it seems that it is the norm.

I can always hope for improvement! :slight_smile: