DH Services?

Hi @Okay! I don’t have one for the ST or Iris outlets yet, but it’s on my todo list. I have one for the Zooz ZEN15, Aeon Gen2 in-wall micro switch, and the Aeon Smart Energy Switch gen-1.

Thanks for the response.

Your DTH is famous. I bought 3 hem V1 from Buydig open boxes for 5.00 each 1 was a dud but other 2 seem to be working okay, but they already had you dth Installed on them when I paired them.
I have a question on setting up reporting using option 1 using one for my condenser and other for dryer. I can’t seem to get it to report using option 1 by the settings I set. Is it 50w change or 10%. How does kw update with option 1?
I must me doing something wrong. You mind clearing it up.