DH Services?


The DTH doesn’t itself have a battery alarm, it just tells you battery level, and I don’t think it’s an actual level either (like the ST/Iris sensors do). I believe it’s just really an “OK” status. When the device gets low on battery it sends a command to ST which converts it to 1%, which then can be monitored to send you notifications through various SmartApps. I’m actually thinking about changing the DTH to just say OK instead of an actual level.

I have no idea what you mean by the device giving you an exclamation point. I’ve never seen that before, so can you post a picture?

I recommend you run on USB power and not worry about batteries. You really don’t benefit from them, and if you only run on batteries you’re limited in how often the device updates.

Also, to get battery reporting to work, sometimes you need to remove USB power and let the device run on batteries for a few minutes, and then plug back in USB power. Then you’ll see the 100% battery reading.

Lastly, did you go into the device’s Preferences and make any changes? I recommend that you look at the preferences and change how you what reporting to happen and then tap on Done. Even if you don’t change anything you still want to tap on Done.

I also recommend you follow activity in the discussion here: (you’ll find a lot of help here)