DH Services?

I can’t comment on the Hem as I have never used one.
Perhaps one of the guys who has one can comment on its capabilities.

To be able to run routines (or NOT run them) when your daughter leaves or returns then the system needs to know that your daughter is home, what do you use to do this?
With my wife and I we use a combination of smartthings ‘Presence Sensors’ and our mobile phones - we also have PS in our cars.
This way the system ‘knows’ when we are at home or not and can change behaviour occordingly.

My daughter uses ST presence sensor for good bye cause she has friends within 4 houses and a Aotec push button for Im back.

If you are using IOS then I would look at SmartRules
This app give you the ability to use multiple conditions.

Turn on light if motion detected but.

  1. Only between certain times
  2. Only if Daughter is home

Smartrules is a paid app but well worth the small outlay

There is also an app called Core (now replaced with WebCore)
This is a very powerful tool which can be programmed to do just about anything.

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Core can definitely do what your asking.

I modified the HEM DH to automatically reset my daily high and low wattage at midnight. It was quite easy.

I have not done a monthly reset. I should, it would be easy too.

My DH should be on got hub. Look under bspranger.

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@Okay - that awkward moment when people refuse to take payment :wink: and you wonder… what’s their motive, right? Welcome to the SmartThings community :wink:


If you use my DTH then you can use my smartapp to reset the HEM on any day and at any time of the month. Here’s more info on the DTH:

Link to the reset smartapp:


You’ll need to write your own smartapp for that.

Thanks for your time. So for the reset smartapp will I need to update firmware? If I do need to update do I need to make any changes to the code, not that I know what I am talking about just a question that stemmed from reading the other threads.

No problem.

Nope. You just need to be using my DTH.

lol, everyone was new to this at one point in time, and asking questions is a great way of learning!

Install my DTH, and then edit the device in the IDE and change Type to what you just created. Open the phone app and then the HEM device. Tap on the little gear in the upper right corner to configure preferences for the device. Tap on Done even if you don’t change anything.

Next, set up the SmartApp via the IDE and then install it via the mobile app. The install process will walk you through the settings needed, and then tap on Done. You’re all set from there.

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Okay, I installed the smart app. I think I installed your DTH (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/constjs/jcdevhandlers/master/devicetypes/jscgs350/m
When I installed the new DTH I go to my device handler, click on green box create new device handler, click from code and paste it in, then hit create, go to my devices click on the energy monitor and then edit it takes me to anathar screen with drop down where the meter is already selected and I click update at the bottom.
I must be doing something wrong.
I can see your new dth in the list with my other dth. When I schedule a reset for a couple of minutes ahead to test it doesnt reset. I also didnt notice any changes on ICON or screen the meter on the app it still looks same is there a way to see if its using the new dth, or do you think I did something else wrong. do I need to un pair and repair?

After you saved it did you Publish it? If so, then it will show up in the drop down list when you edit the device to use what you just created. If you did’nt change my code, it should be listed like this:

You’re not using the right DTH.

Yes,see the image above. When you edit the device it will show you the dth it’s using. You can also see the dth devices are using in any device list like via My Devices and/or My Hubs

It will when you start using the right dth.


We got it. Holy smokes what a difference. Thats amazing. Thanks so much. Very cool.

Looks great! i was wondering about the low battery alarm I do have batteries in it but i am plugged in using usb. Its saying battery at 0 and giving a exclamation point any tricks I need to do?
Thanks again amazing.


The DTH doesn’t itself have a battery alarm, it just tells you battery level, and I don’t think it’s an actual level either (like the ST/Iris sensors do). I believe it’s just really an “OK” status. When the device gets low on battery it sends a command to ST which converts it to 1%, which then can be monitored to send you notifications through various SmartApps. I’m actually thinking about changing the DTH to just say OK instead of an actual level.

I have no idea what you mean by the device giving you an exclamation point. I’ve never seen that before, so can you post a picture?

I recommend you run on USB power and not worry about batteries. You really don’t benefit from them, and if you only run on batteries you’re limited in how often the device updates.

Also, to get battery reporting to work, sometimes you need to remove USB power and let the device run on batteries for a few minutes, and then plug back in USB power. Then you’ll see the 100% battery reading.

Lastly, did you go into the device’s Preferences and make any changes? I recommend that you look at the preferences and change how you what reporting to happen and then tap on Done. Even if you don’t change anything you still want to tap on Done.

I also recommend you follow activity in the discussion here: (you’ll find a lot of help here)

Yea, everything is working great. I changed both to report every 300 seconds,display battery level on main tile and recently tab to off, changed decimal to show none.
I have batteries installed but not using them it’s plugged in. Exclamation point is the orange triangle with exclamation point the standard battery warning.
I am very pleased I will try taking them out or unplugging usb plus read the threads u attached.

I am not sure how to post a picture I took a screen shot and uploaded it but I don’t know if it worked.

Ok, now I understand. I’ve (or anyone else that I know of) never used the device as as a Room favorite.

I’ve just now tried that myself, but I can’t duplicate what you’re seeing. I suspect because my battery is at 100%, even though I don’t display it.

Try unplugging USB power and run on batteries for at least 4 minutes (minimum reporting duration when running on batteries). Once a correct battery level shows up, that battery warning triangle will go away.

I am okay with it, however I did try that had usb unplugged and it was still reporting did this for over 30 minutes USB unplugged using batteries it still showed USB power and batteries 0%. With exclamation point.

I have been reading all the threads about SmartThings outlet for 2 days.
Was wondering if there is DH similar to the one you let me use for the home meter?
Thanks for your time.

Hi @Okay! I don’t have one for the ST or Iris outlets yet, but it’s on my todo list. I have one for the Zooz ZEN15, Aeon Gen2 in-wall micro switch, and the Aeon Smart Energy Switch gen-1.

Thanks for the response.

Your DTH is famous. I bought 3 hem V1 from Buydig open boxes for 5.00 each 1 was a dud but other 2 seem to be working okay, but they already had you dth Installed on them when I paired them.
I have a question on setting up reporting using option 1 using one for my condenser and other for dryer. I can’t seem to get it to report using option 1 by the settings I set. Is it 50w change or 10%. How does kw update with option 1?
I must me doing something wrong. You mind clearing it up.