DeviceType Tiles and Shake titles

I love that the default app supports shaking to show title to tiles, but can we do that on SmartDevices?

I’m working on a thermostat and I have like 5 temperatures to show (for my geo unit) but the circle tiles with temps are pretty useless if you don’t know what they are. And I would hate to waste a valueTile above/below it just to label them.

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You mean on Device “Sub-Tiles”?

Just trying to figure out what the Terminology is, even if the feature is unlikely to be implemented very soon.

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standardTile & valueTile

Actually, standardTiles can appear on the main Things list and have their names displayed when shaken.

Ah… But I found the terminology in the Docs (and, the meta section: Main Tile vs. Detail Tiles.

There seems to be no way to shake for labels on the Detail Tiles.

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