ValueTile always showing things view (possible bug?)

I am trying to create a device handler and on the details page I want to create a static label tile. I am using a ValueTile with the following definition:

If I make the ice smaller (like 4x1) everything looks fine. In order for the details page to layout correctly on both the phone and tablet, however, I need this to be 6x1 as shown above. Unfortunately, at 6x1 for some reason Smartthings decides to make it the same as the things view showing the device name in addition to the value. This is what I see:


Am I defining the tile incorrectly or is there another option I need to use or is this just a bug in SmartThings?

Yes per ST documentation, a 6x1 setting will render a valueTile exactly like that.

Ok. Thanks. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I will change my layout accordingly.

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the behavior is documented here: