Using device.label as the main tile's label

Hi! I’m new to this stuff, and trying to write a device type for D-Link cameras (I know there are several variations out there, but none have survived the forum software update). Here’s where I’m running into an issue:

I’ve got two cameras, and I want to use the device.label on the main tile so I can differentiate between them. Unfortunately, when setting content on tiles, it seems like the device is null, and therefore nothing actually winds up on the tile.

How can I get the device name or label and apply it to a tile?


I’m looking for this as well.

I’m not even close to being as tech-savvy as most people in this forum, so please forgive me if there’s a simple answer to this question: Is there a way to create custom labels for the tiles? I can’t tell which motion sensor is firing at which location without pressing the gear.

Believe it or not, but you have to shake your phone to see the labels.

Check out this thread:

It requires adding code to most device types, but it’s the only way (other than shaking phones) that I’ve seen.

I actually edited the label by hand on all my devices. I had to run custom device codes for my thermostats, and edit that device code to include the label for all my various sensors to show the location. This has to be the worst design i’ve ever seen for a product thats been launched a long time.

Thanks everyone for this! Gecko’s shake trick works! But shaking it isn’t such an elegant or fast way to view the tiles. I think a push button on the interface would do the trick. Appreciate the tips!

I hit the same problem months ago, asked how to do it to support, and their short answer (outside of shacking it) is : no way.
The only known workaround is to define a custom icon, which has the “label” in the background picture (.png, 50% transparency) and assign by hand this custom icon to the Device you want to see “labeled”. If you have 10 devices, you need 10 custom icons…

this should be fixed asap. i can’t believe its not an option on the ST app.

I submitted a ticket [#63425] on September 29th on this exact same subject.
That’s how I got the reference to this thread :
Most of the tickets I submitted the last 3 months were “transferred to development” by SmartThings support, and then sunk into a black-hole, with a few notable exceptions, thanks to Andrew and Duncan.
Obviously, the development team is overloaded and bug corrections has fallen waayyyy behind.
Very frustrating…

thank you! I have a bunch of reading to do …