Devices we don't have

I need the toggle switch style, not the paddle style switch. I should have been more specific, sorry. I think I knew about these but didn’t realize they were compatible with ST.

There’s no RGBW nightlight, but there’s a night light with seven different possible colors, as well as a motion detector, that is quite popular in the community for notifications. The newest model is Z wave plus.

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You can also use either the hue LED light strip (with the Hue bridge) or the awesome lightify flex strip (connects directly to smartthings) for RGBW notifications.

This is pretty much perfect! Just wish it wasn’t so expensive. :frowning:

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I have used the FanLinc before and the fact it allows 3 different speed controls of the fan (low, med, high) and the fan’s integrated light (independent of the fan operation) makes it an ideal way of controlling all the original features of the fan. It is controlled via INSTEON RF. I would very much like to see either a comparable Z-Wave or Zigbee solution.


We have been watching this as a possible solution since May:

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How about the Stelpro Ki Thermostat for Electric Baseboards and Convectors? As long as you’re not trying to push any type of heater with a fan, it should work (radiant, baseboard…even hot water sub-floor…I hope:). I’m looking at trying one to control my hot water-heated floors.

How about the new Blink camera system…


@rontalley posted a link to the “Official” DTH, but you have to pay a community member to get access to the code.

There’s a free DTH and SmartApp that provides most of the basic functionality.

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The L-Series are available from Amazon for $495. We have 2. Love 'em

Plus 1 on swann. :blush:

Please see this method

You can add text to speech (TTS) using VLC Thing

And then use any smartthings sons app throughout your home.

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Looking for ST support for the Carrier Cor Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat TP-WEM01 and/ or TP-WEM01-A. Does this exist and/or could be considered? The -A version appears to be compatible with the Apple HomeKit.

I see a newer version of the Carrier Cor (5c and 7c) are to be released in April 2017, and is supposed to be more friendly towards automation and compete harder against Ecobee & Nest. I’ll probably hold out for that those to get released and hopefully some integration into the SmartThings hub can be done then.

Carrier press release on new Cor

Hopefully ST compatible as well. Have a Carrier and pretty restricted on what is compatible - bit $300!!!

I need to be able to control my five ceiling fans individually through my SmartThings HUB. Three are currently controlled solely by remote controls and two have an on/of switch on the wall with light and fan speed controlled by dangle cables.

Technical support has got nothing. HELP!

This topic has a lot of posts in it but look above and you’ll see this was actually addressed here somewhat recently. Take a look at the other topic that’s mentioned for a fan/light control that uses zigbee and is hopefully available from Home Depot soon.

How about Aeon labs Double Micro Switch and Smart Switch 6.

Those should work with ST. The double switch might need a community-developed device handler, I know that in-wall relays from other brands tend to need that to work. But the smart switch should pair as a generic z-wave switch.

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