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I have the piper nv, I love it! I just now purchased the STv2 and set it up late last night… I have several linear z-wave light bulbs that I really like… I tried to pair the light bulbs to my ST Hub to no avail. Could anyone tell me a good and affordable bulb that is easily paired to STv2? I set my hub up on the fly and the only thing I learned is I don’t yet have the knowledge to pair a device.

The Linear bulbs should work. Were the bulbs previously paired to the Piper? Z wave devices can only belong to one controller, so you have to “exclude it” to erase the old controller’s information before you’ll be able to include it to the new controller.

To the best of my knowledge, I removed it from the Piper network… If I could get it to pair with my ST hub I’ll be ecstatic as I have about 5 Linear bulbs. I have to plea ignorance though. How could I find out whether or not they can pair to ST?

  1. write to they should be able to help

  2. follow the instructions at the link I gave you in my previous post and do a general exclude first. Then try pairing to ST again. It can’t hurt anything and it might solve the problem.

  3. search the forums for existing topics on the exact model that you have and see what other community members have said about it.

Good luck! :sunglasses:

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Thank you for your help JD!

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You might also find the following topic of interest. One of the big advantage of ST is that you can use either zwave or zigbee:

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I was looking for a replacement to my sprinkler system when I stumbled across this.

and it looks like they have already published their api

has anybody else looked at this one ?

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I also found this…

which looks like a great way to replace the guts of my old controller with an upgrade.

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+1 for Doorbell. A cheap pushbutton doorbell would be awesome.

The $49.95 Aeon Doorbell (zwave) works well with SmartThings using community created code. It can play multiple different MP3s. I doubt if you’ll find anything much cheaper.

You can also take any existing nonnetworked wired doorbell and run the wires through the wall to a Z wave contact sensor and use that to notify the hub. Then you still need something to play the sounds, but there are a lot of options there. :sunglasses:


Now that’s a great idea! $50 is steep for something I just want to be a switch. Now I wish we could finally integrate with RING.

Centralite now sells some stuff with their own brand attached (instead of PEQ, SmartThings, etc.?).

I think this device below would be a great addition to the SmartThings family…
A repeater with a built-in multicolored night light!

Alas… it is not listed on the “Shop Now” page, but perhaps some branded version is available.

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A Zigbee Night Light…that’s so cool, its just begging for some fun:
A jar with a few zig-bees and fire-fly’s and…

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Yes, integrating with Ring would be fantastic. Also Kuna which has an amazing porch light/video cam/audio/siren unit. I have 2 in my back yard, and a Ring at the front door.

As well, I really hope you jump on Eight Sleep (formerly Luna Sleep) as an integrated sleep tracker.


Devices I’ve been looking for integrations too are as follows; Nest (I know ST and Nest don’t see eye to eye), Ring, Garageio, and Rachio. It’s clear that business objectives are getting in the way of progress as these integrations have been requested for going on 2 years now.

Just an update about Eight Sleep. This is from their update last night, so good news. Hope that means good things for SmartThings, but I really don’t know how that all works.

We are finalizing the documentation and interface of our open API. This API will give developers the ability to receive sleep metrics and control the device - just like our app does. The release of this API is planned for the end of September. Backers who purchased the Developer pack will be the first to receive access to all the documentation.

I admit to being very biased here since my Eight Matress Cover/Sleep Tracker will arrive in October. I can’t wait to have it shut off al the lights when both of us crawl into bed, and set off the morning routines when one of us gets out.

If things don’t happen with ST right away, at least there will be some very basic options, as they also included this in the update.

We are planning to release our IFTTT channel in a couple of weeks.These are the events that we are including in the first implementation:

  • One user gets in bed
  • Both users get in bed
  • One user gets out of bed
  • Both users get out of bed

Any word on the samsung sleep sensor? I just a motion sensor “under” the bed that senses when my leg is thrown over anytime after 5:30AM - turn on coffee ! :smile: Hope that works with split mattress beds (they are nice !)

Echo Dot is much better if you want to stream audio as the echo won’t do that…

Sure it does. I’m streaming audio to my echo from my iphone right now with spotify connect. And it can do bluetooth too.

He means the other way around, you can’t stream from the Echo to another set of speakers.

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