Devices split between 2 locations!


Long time ago I got a Samsung soundbar and I had to install the new ST app to connect to it and update it.
In that process, a NEW location for created for me in ST. It only had the Samsung Soundbar on it. No problem.

I then 1-2 month ago migrated to the new ST app, and now half my devices are under the NEW location and the other half is located under the off/correct location.

This is how it looks in the new ST APP, BUT strangely enough when I look in the web-IDE ALL my devices are correctly listed under the old/correct location.

I have written to Support, and they wrote back a couple of times asking for more information, and after I sent that, I have heard nothing back.

I’m affraid to delete the NEW location, as I might also loose connection to all those devices that in the new app are located under the new location.

Any idea how to fix this?

Best Regards Simon

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First off, I wouldn’t delete anything just yet.

I believe there have been a handful of reports of devices not syncing up properly on the back end of SmartThings’ systems when migrating. If I remember correctly I think @Brad_ST was able to fix things in that case.

@simonselmer Can you check if everything looks as expected now?

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Hi @Brad_ST
It looks good yes :slight_smile: I see you deleted the extra location, and from a quick check it looks like all my devices are now listed under the correct location in the app.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: