ST scheduled Maintenance 12/18/20

Could this scheduled maintenance be why 5 of my Zigbee sensors just went to 1% or zero battery?

Yes it’s possible. Lots of times when they do work on their end one of my sensors batteries would basically drop its charge & need to be replaced.

LOL, I have never had any battery issues in the past despite all the many reports at different times. Now, all my Iris motion sensors are suddenly showing 100% battery.

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Supposedly maintenance has finished and my sensors remain at 100%.


Your lucky, but it does happen (device battery drain).

I’m having a rather ‘interesting’ discussion with Support on this. Once I get something resembling help I’ll post details. No resolution yet.

I see, If your sensors are Iris, manufacturer “Centralite” and mine are “samjin” smartthings use the same Device Handler “SmartSense motion sensor”.
They calculate the battery % in different ways and therefore the result may be different.
I have the custom DH for the temperature, but for the battery it is original.

Yep, my guess is something changed in the stock handler.

Thus far I’ve had Support tell me I’m using a custom DTH (which I’m not) and then webCoRE and/or ActionTiles is likely causing the problem. Yeah, nah. :roll_eyes:. Oh, and they referred to webCoRE and ActionTiles as device handlers. Mic. Drop.

ive learned and even snapped back that their so called support help is not help at all and that i fixed things myself.