Devices Random Disconnect

I like most, have struggled through all the SmartThings changes. I thought I was on the other side of it and actually was for a few weeks since the last firmware update for my v2 hub. Two days ago I started receiving notifications from Device Status of devices not connected… Nothing has changed but now most devices are being reported as offline. Go into the app and indeed it shows offline until you open/close or turn on/off then all is well for another day then it happens again. So the frustration continues. Anyone else having this problem and/or thoughts on how to resolve? Other than giving up and moving to Hubitat?

Sounds like routing or signal issues.

  1. Specifically what kind of devices are having issues.
  2. is the hub also showing offline?

Thanks for the response. Hub shows online and other devices work. The ones showing offline are zwave specifically GE outlets and First Alert smoke/Co2 sensors. Other zwave devices work fine while others show offline.

Cool. All ZWave…

Have you run a ZWave repair recently? If so what was the result?
Are the devices all in one part of your home?

when i experienced this in the past the only thing that completely fixed it was a total restart from fresh after HARD resetting the hub and adding all the devices back.

I noticed the same thing, over the past 2 weeks, too. There is really no patter to it. Devices disconnect and show offline or disappear completely and I have to add them back in… it feel kind of like 2016 when SmartThings just had started.

I also noticed an increasing delay and timeout problems (not only devices, also routines). Also, many times devices show offline in the SmartApp but can still be controlled through Alexa or Homebridge.

For now I will just keep fixing things when they break…

Ive never had to hard reset a hub to fix ZWave routing or signals. That said Ive seen some reeeeeeeally messed up ZWave networks in the last few weeks, leadinge to believe the latest updates to the ZWave stack in firmware is less tolerant to ‘marginal’ setups… But I’ve still never had to blow one away and start over. :wink:

@nathancu - I haven’t done a repair in a while. I thought of doing one but feared it would just make it worse. I’ll give it a go. The devices falling off are spread throughout the house.

@Awestun - Unfortunately I don’t see that happening. If I have to start over it will be on Hubitat.

@pizzinini - Alway nice to know your not alone with some of this ST weirdness. I’ll heed your advice and hope for the best.

I appreciate the responses and will give a repair a try and report back.

Do the repair in the IDE. It just seems easier than running it in the app. You can keep it up in an alternate browser window and track the progress. Those error messages are important to unwinding what is going on.

Shortly after the most recent firmware my entire ZWave infrastructure freaked out. It had been running ‘fine’ as far as I knew. But about two days after the upgrade… Boom slowness, weirdness, things not ‘doing’ things correctly.

Short story. 12 repairs. Fixing various issues as they came up. It turned out i had 4 ghost devices in my setup I didnt know were there and had not shown up on various earlier repairs. And these guys had OLD network IDs (like 07, 0A and 11) so i find it hard to believe they hadn’t been there before the upgrade. Fixed them not only fixed my issues but its running faster than ever.

i recently did a HARD restart and everything is working again.

Any way to be notified by an app notification (without having to go into the app) to discover offline devices?

Device Monitor seems to work well @ [RELEASE] Device Monitor - Get Notified if Devices Stop Reporting

I have also been experiencing random disconnects over the last few days (was working fine for around 1 year).

@smartie Device Monitor seems to work well for monitoring devices @ [RELEASE] Device Monitor - Get Notified if Devices Stop Reporting

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Zwave repair found 1 ghost device and I removed it. 8 repairs later and I’m left with just 1 device that “won’t update neighbors”. I’ll continue to repair and see if removing the ghost helps.

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Thats how mine started coming back. Those ghosts seem to be way more detrimental in the new firmware… Good luck!

Thanks. I’m just wondering if there is (or why there isn’t) a way for St’s to notify us if a device is down (notify as in an app notification, email or text).

Finally getting clean zwave repairs, unfortunately the disconnects persist… I’ll continue to bang my head, and while doing that I’ll start a migration off of SmartThings as I have no desire to reset my hub and start over.

Over the past week I had two zwave dimmers go offline several times randomly but was still able to bring them back up immediately by clicking the tile and then the on/off with the tile open. I have 4 zwave devices and 27 zigbee devices. Never had a zigbee device go offline including the infamous Hampton Bay zigbee fan controller. The issue seems to have gone away over the past couple of days

I haven’t had a drop off since Wednesday… finally seems to have stabilized.

I keep having devices disappear (not disconnect!) and I have to re-add them. If this happens one more time or my rooms unsort again in the app I will start a piggy bank for buying a hubitat hub!!