Devices OFFLINE, or maybe not? ( 4 August 2020)

I am so confused. My SmartThings apps show my ST devices as OFFLINE, thats in new and classic apps, across 2 Locations (UK & Florida) , and on 2 “phones” (ipad and iphone).
BUT, 2 ring cams still show ONLINE and 2 non-ST plugs show as ONLINE. Checked Groovy IDE and that gives me the same status’s. Both ST Hubs are shown as OFFLINE.
I power-cycled my Home-UK hub, now everything at that Location is as it should be. However, Florida Location still shows all but the Ring Cameras as OFFLINE.

But most confusing, if i click into a (remote site) FLORIDA Location device, its screen shows the device OFFLINE, but if i switch it ON (e.g. in Classic) it changes state to ON in ‘ST-New’ app, and on Groovy IDE. Even, -one Florida Location GE Light Switch is Zigbee and so its ‘page’ has a power meter, if i switch it on in one app, i can see its energy consumption (144.4W) and same in the ‘other’ app, and in Groovy IDE. Also, on the Device List Page in Groovy IDE it even says that particular device is OFFLINE but was “Last Seen” = “a few seconds ago”. - On the app i can see the Power Meter history fluctuating over a watt or two, over time.

(and how to fix it since i cant reach out to Florida to power-cycle that ST hub)
Many thanks

It isn’t just you. All over the US and Europe, and possibly Asia/Pacific too, people are being told stuff is offline when it seems to be working fine. To me it looks like device health has gone tits up but that is wild speculation based on zero insight.

that is why i turned off the health status in the old app. not reliable and not working for all devices. it is a shame it is required in the nw app or the tiles dont work… For devices that were critical tha ti knew were working i set a tile with last update date/time. again but all the custom tiles are now basically useless with the new app. A big step backwards in my opinion


See the existing thread

I’m located in Florida and many of my devices have been offline sporadically starting last night. Working again this morning, but most devices went offline about an hour or two ago. Right now, just a few devices are still offline along with all of my Simulated Switches.

Update… All of my devices, including simswitches, are online now.

I am having this problem as of sometime this week, I am located in Texas. Is there anything to be done to get the issue solved?