Devices and Interference (Mostly Zigbee and TCP)

I’ve had issues with Zigbee interference for a long time, though never had an issue with Z-Wave. I’ve also been fighting constant interference with my TCP bulbs. At this point my bulbs are useless as they are pretty much always disconnected (along with my original SmartThings motion and multi sensors). I’m curious to know how everyone has hubs, routers, and such setup in their homes to help avoid this problem.

I have my router broadcasting 2.5 (ch. 11) and 5GHz. My SmartThings hub is connected to it and sits below and a couple of feet to the left. The TCP hub is slightly above the router and another foot or so to the left of the ST hub.

Going insane,

Even though I am not a TCP user, I think there are some issues going on with those. Search the latest posts and you will get the latest status on those.

Yeah, I know all about that issue. This is unrelated to that. The bulbs go unresponsive even within the TCP app.

The general rule of thumb that I have heard is to keep all of the above devices (any 2.4 Ghz) at least 6 feet apart regardless of what channel they are on. YMMV. That being said I have my router, SmartThings and TCP gateway all within a couple feet of each other and haven’t had issues.

2.4 ghz is becoming a very busy band. I’d recommend moving your hub around and trying different positioning/orientation. You could also try moving your zigbee devices, say you have a lamp move it a little bit if thats possible.

I do have some zigbee devices, but I’m trying to stick to z-wave because it’s not such a busy band.