Device View is not getting updated?

Hello! I was in the middle of submitting a Legacy DTH when SmartThings Edge was released. I’ve been requested to remove a capability from my device handler. However when I tried refreshing the device view after the removal, I used the techniques from before (clearing cache from phone app, recreating brand new device handler in groovy IDE) to try to refresh the device view. Though now the view remains the same on the app regardless of what I do. Is there any way of addressing this issue? :open_mouth:

Hey, @lecontr1

What you can do to force the metadata update is not only recreate the DTH but also change its name and namespace.

Also, if your DTH is using a custom vid, you may need to build a new one. If you’re able to share the definition of your DTH with us, it would be awesome, or, if you want to follow up your Certification Request inquiries in more detail, you can write to us at including the following information:

  • Certification Request Id
  • Pull Request URL
  • Brand and Model of the device