Device handler installed/updated not being called after publishing?

Maybe this is my misunderstanding of how device handlers work, but I’m currently trying to create my own device handler. For testing, whenever I publish an update, my device’s “installed” and/or “updated” methods are never being called.

I was under the impression that at least the “updated” method is called any time it receives an update. Is this not the case ?

If I ever want my code in the “installed/updated” methods to be called I am currently uninstalling the device handler and reinstalling it.

Any help would be great

Is the device you are using assigned to the DTH you are updating?

How long have you had SmartThings? I see you’ve been a member here for all of 2 days. I would suggest you read up more on how DTHs work and maybe try using one that is already developed by some of the amazing people here in the community before running out and trying to write your own.