How to select specific device type from App (ios in my case)

So, I wrote my own Device Handler for the Leviton DZ6HD. Set it up using the Web IDE, and it even auto-selects when I add the device. Great!

But now I see one in the “Marketplace”, called “Leviton In-Wall 600W Dimmer” (also Leviton Z-Wave Dimmer In-wall DZ1KD), but not matter what I do when adding a device, it selects my own Device Handler. And, in the IDE, neither of these other device types show up in the device type pull down (perhaps because they are proprietary, and hence not in Github).

Even adding a device manually it selects my Device Handler - I don’t get a choice.

Short of “un publishing” my own Device Handler, is there any way to switch over to this other handler? Or is the issue that the other one isn’t matching - since I can’t see its source, I can’t see what device signatures it will match.

[Frankly, I think that it would probably be best if, when there are multiple hits on a specific device signature, the app let you CHOOSE which one you wanted.]

It looks like maybe the “Leviton In-Wall 600W Dimmer” did not match on signature. I deleted my device handler (it was safe and sound on github), and the only one that shows up when I add is the “generic” dimmer, even when I had manually. Oh well.

As you discovered, in the absence of a custom handler these switches (and the vast majority of Z-Wave switches) will use the “generic” Z-Wave Switch or Z-Wave Dimmer handlers. Any time you have a custom Device Handler created with a device’s fingerprint, the platform will default to that custom handler since you probably put it there for a reason. You can always change back to the default generic handler (or whatever you want) in the IDE.

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Well almost. The web IDE does not appear to show the non open-source device handlers. It really really would be best to provide a screen with the choices, from most specific match to most general match (or at least give one the option of doing so), or, at the very least, allow one to select any device handler available via the app in the IDE/