Device Type Handler for Epson Printers or Google Cloud Print?

Anyone by chance working on a device type for Epson printers or Cloud Print?

Curious as to how you woud want to integrate a printer into Home Automation ?

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There are often ways to automatically trigger printing (like today’s menu when somebody walks in the door, or a shopping list when somebody is getting ready to leave) with IFTTT as a “man in the middle”, but I don’t know about Epson specifically.

Most often dropbox is used, because there is a dropbox service on IFTTT. The following article discusses one way of doing that.

Some printers have a cloud service that has their own IFTTT channel. HP, for example, does.

Some printers will accept emails, and in that case, you may also be able to use the Gmail service on IFTTT.

But I would ask on an Epson forum For methods of working with IFTTT. Once you have that, the smartthings piece is easy. :sunglasses:

Ah yes those are all options I’m aware of. Printing wireless.

I’m looking to automate something like print out my Asana tasks for the day through Google Home or something like that. I’ll look into making a DTH for Cloud Print.

I think the question still stands…why are you trying to integrate to SmartThings? What data from SmartThings are you going to print out? It sounds like you could accomplish all this outside of the ST architecture.