Email a picture from the local network

Hello all,

Any idea if it would be possible to have a routine that when run would send an email with a file taken from the local network?
File would have always the same name, at same location, with same login and password.


There are several ways to do this, but one of the easiest is with IFTTT. You can use either the “email” service or the “Gmail” service if you have a Gmail account. With email service there is a limit of 750 sent emails per day.

So you would use SmartThings as the “if” and the email service as the “that” in your IFTTT applet.

You can set up a virtual switch on the SmartThings side and then automate the turning on of that switch if you want.

There are other ways to do it as well, but I think this is the easiest. There may be a lag of up to 15 minutes if you go through IFTTT, though, so I don’t know if that meets your use case.

The most problematic part is attaching the file from the local network as anything IFTTT would be run from outside and would not have access to the file…

If you have a Mac lying around you could use HAM Bridge to run a script to send the email that could be triggered from SmartThings.

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Might have found even better!
The image in question was from a camera, but I realised that someone wrote a smart app to link with Synology Surveillance Station. Let’s see how I can work from there

I can take a pic from the app. Now let’s see if I can trigger this and email this picture :slight_smile:

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Any luck? I’m trying to find a way to have ST send me a picture it takes from a camera.