Device Suggestion Needed

Take a look at this picture. We have a warehouse door that we want to be sure remains locked. Sometimes our employees forget to lock the door at night. Unfortunately, our door lock is away from the wall - was thinking of trying to hack together using something like this: Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus Magnetic Door - Window Recessed Sensor Gen 5 ZW089-A

Any better ideas?

I’d probably just go with a contact sensor on the wall behind it and attach the contact magnet to the circle area of the slide. Take it out of the plastic and it just might fit in that hole… Or find a magnet that will.

Pull slider out, contact is broken, put slider in, contact is closed.

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Good idea. I don’t need a magnet to be pretty…just any old magnet will do…one that is thin enough to fit through that hole.

When you say a contact sensor on the wall - do you mean the one I mentioned or is there one you can point me to?

Thank you so much for the info!

anything will work, I like the multi sensors from SmartThings but I’m old school…!/products/samsung-smartthings-multipurpose-sensor

There are lots of other options, this one is zigbee, most others are going to be z-wave.

red alert. The most important thing here is to automatically disable the drive system when the door is locked. Unless you like repairing doors.

Maybe this door is manual - ok that’s probably a manual door.

replace the opener outlet with a smart outlet. If locked then turn the outlet off. If unlocked power the outlet.

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safety equipment should not be wireless, or internet-dependent, IMO.

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Thank you so much Patrick! Yep, the door is manual :slight_smile: