Door sensor that mounts inside the door?

Does anyone know of a door sensor that will actually mount inside the door not these ugly stick to the wall ones? I would drill a hole in the side of the door and mount the device inside the door then there would just be a magnet that i have to install in the other part of the door frame. I cant see why you cant put the parts inside a door in a hole

I know the Smartest House sells one version. It is here:

Monoprice sells one.

I have no experience with either one, but have considered them in the past. If you decide to use them, let me know how they work out.

I haven’t used these so I cannot comment on how well they work. But you have
GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Sensor, Hinge Pin Door Sensor, Attaches to Existing Door Hinge, White.
These I do use and love them (note: use these on wood doors, not metal doors). Sensative Strips Z-Wave Plus Ultra Thin Door/Window Contact Sensor
I have seen, but can’t find it, devices that you drill into the door (cylinder shape), drop the device into and put a magnet above it.


Might I recommend if you drill the hole for the sensor and magnet. You oversize the sensor hole just a little. It will make getting it back out to change the battery MUCH easier. If it goes in tight, then the weather changes or whatever it will come out even harder.

Just my 2 cents.

I have the Aeotec one previously linked to and it has worked without a hitch.


I have the monoprice sensors in my front and back door with no issues over the past year. These were very simple for me since the previous owner already had another alarm installed so the holes were already there. Paired the new sensors up, yanked the old one, put the MP ones in and called it good.

On my garage entry door, I use a ST sensor since that door wasn’t already drilled and I was lazy.

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I also have/had the monoprice sensors but they would stick “open” even after the door was closed every 10 or so times. Opening and closing the door a second time would fix it. Since I have a SHM rule to tell me when the doors are left open xx minutes this got real annoying (also the reason I noticed it).

Switched over to Konnected and brought over the wired sensors that were already installed. I was just about to buy those GE ones that go on the door pins.

I have four Monoprice recessed ones if you are interested. :slight_smile:


Yeah i was looking at the hang on the hinge ones but they are still ugly as heck. There seems to be a lot of indoor solutions so ill most likely go with one of them! Thanks for the rely as this is a good option if the others don’t work

Hehe I think ill look up better ones but thnaks for the feed back on those ones.

I have used both of these and the only ones that have failed after 2 years were the Aeon version. One other note is that I have not had much luck with either of these reporting accurate battery levels.


Do you guys think this will be an issue on a metal door? I have a Zwave light switch right beside it so the signal does not have to go far at all. I would drill a hole at the top on the side (i was thinking top but moisture would pool into the hole most likely.)

Ill try one of these products that a few of you linked to.

Also just to add I am in Canada is anyone know of places i can get stuff shipped to Canada for a reasonable price!

I had mine in both wood and metal doors. Ironically the door that “stuck” with status open the most was wood. All of mine were within 6 - 7’ of a GE Z-Wave switch so never had a issue with signal. I mounted mine in the tops of the doors with the magnet above it in the jam (glued into the wood). The gap was just enough for the sensor to clear on all three of my doors and I never noticed them once installed. Its actually the reason I haven’t used them in a couple months but left them in…I don’t want to fix the holes.

Definitely the Aeotec listed above. I have two of them, one for my inside garage door and one for my front door. They work FANTASTIC. Battery lasts a long time, and they are pretty rock solid. I occasionally lose connection with the inside garage door, but just opening and closing the door resets the connection back to normal. That is very rare though.

Both of my doors are metal.

Thanks all for the replies. This month turned into automated Christmas tree and outside Christmas lights to make the wife happy. She can now just ask the Google Home Mini to turn on the Christmas tree and the outside lights so she is happy and can see the benefits of IOT stuff which gives me more green lights to get more IOT stuff :slight_smile: Next month is door jams month, I have a budget of $100 a month to get all my switches and stuff so its normally 2 a month. Also she likes the fact that we can time the lights outside from dusk till 10:30PM than auto off.