Device(Stove) Model in SmartThings

I’ve got a Samsung stove in my SmarThings app…I’m at work and would like to purchase an accessory for my stove on Amazon. I don’t know what the model is off the top of my head. Since it’s attached to the app is there somewhere in the app that I can get info about the stove that will display the model information? You’d think there would be since while it’s pairing it would have to vet the stove as being compatible to the app like, “whos’ trying to connect?” “Oh it’s a Samsung model xyz stove” “Yes you are compatible…connect” but I cannot find anything that says a model number. Thank You.

Did you try the web interface to your SmartThings account? I don’t know if it’s there, but it might be.

I thought about that but for mine at least the model field is blank. The model field is blank for all my Samsung appliances actually.

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Well, that’s annoying. :confounded:

I checked using the Browser+ too and while there are values present there for ‘model’ they do not resemble the actual appliance model number.

seems like such a simple feature. I have a device connect to my SmartThings app? What is it? “nothing” oh


Yeah the model field is blank for me too. Why have a field if you’re not going to fill it with data? I’m working with tech support but I doubt they’ll have an answer as usual. Thx though.

Just got off with them and apparently even though there’s a model field for some reason they do not display the model. Not even sure what the purpose of this app is for a stove anyway because I can’t do anything remotely. I still have to go to the stove to push start so if I’m at the stove pushing start I can push all the other button that I’m pushing on the app. Pretty useless.