Device preference options of type bool, number and enum not being displayed in App

I first noticed this two nights ago.
All my custom device types that have preference options are showing up thus:

The previously set preferences are not being read in, though they are set in the IDE.
Also note the replace and remove buttons…

Attempting to reset a preference results in this:

This issue presents on two different android devices, and IOS, although IOS reads in the preferences, the replace and remove functions are still displayed.

Trying to help out the service desk here.
Stock devices with preferences (ST motion as an example) do not have this problem.

The devices exist and work fine via app and smart apps…

Anyone else seeing this issue?

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Much server side wonkiness today, including “no active device” that comes and goes. And that’s a stock device. When that error message is given, then the REPLACE and REMOVE buttons appear.

Just chiming in. I do not have these issues. My custom apps are labeled, and work, as expected.

Apps are fine, It’s custom devices having the issue.

Woops my bad this is a a case of tl;dr :wink:

If you’re using our zen device, have a look in the preferences section at thermostat temperature scale, does is show “scale” in the value of the units that you selected? When attempting to re-select from the options, does this result in a blank page displaying “No device to connect”?

Just looked at all my devices. Seeing the same thing.

thanks, that should help narrow down the issue.

I’ve changed the title of this as I try to narrow down the issue.

The issue is not related to any beta participation…
It affects both IOS and Android (though the errors are different)…
Seems to only effect device types using preferences of type “enum” as the input…
Inputs are set in the IDE, and the devices function as expected…
Replacing the device, re-installing the app does not resolve the issue.

errors could be any of the following:
Previously selected preferences are not displayed…
Replace / Remove options enabled in the preferences section…
Attempting to re-select options, results in “no devices to connect” or “no available options”

Chime in if you’re seeing the same.

I’m seeing this too. On iOS, seeing “No available options” in the dim rate preference for my GE Link bulbs.

I’m seeing it too on this code:

I have a ticket open for this issue as of a week ago, with a link to this thread.
Nothing new to report, other than it’s still being looked into.

OK - Thank you for the update.

I have this issue also. I can’t configure my new Fibaro Motion Sensor because of this issue.

My code is here

@Mike_Maxwell Any progress on the ticket ?

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No, I’ll ping them tomorrow, seems to be a global problem.

Still not working. I opened a support ticket as well. They replied stating they were looking into it and would try to get back to me with “some type of answer”.

I can’t configure any of my devices anymore.

It’s amazing how much you are at Smart Things mercy because of the cloud based system. When they upgrade and it breaks your entire system…you can’t do anything to revert.

I really hope these types of issues don’t happen so often with version 2.0 of ST. In theory a device can be more stable since you can just wait to upgrade after others have reported if it is working. Unless it works like Playstation does and basically don’t let you do anything until you upgrade to latest version.

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I very much doubt that SmartThings will give us local control over what runs in Hub V2.

My belief is it will act like a cache, and thus any updates on SmartThings Cloud will be automatically expired and overwritten, unless you disconnect the Hub entirely.

I could be wrong, but doubt that we’ll get an upgrade rejection feature… For a long time.

:frowning: … makes me sad

They’re hoping to release a fix this week.

If I had a penny for every time support told me that :moneybag:

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