defaultValue in preferences doesn't seem to work?

ok so in one of my device types i have the following preference code

preferences {
    input("manualmode", "enum", title: "Default Manual Overide Method", options: ["TADO_MODE","MANUAL"], required: false, defaultValue:"TADO_MODE")
    input("defHeatingTemp", "number", title: "Default Heating Temperature?", required: false, defaultValue: 21)

the default value of the preference is not as stated (its null) until i go into the device and select the value and save it even though that value is displayed in the preference box… should this be the case? i thought this worked previously without having to go into the device prefs and save, or do i need to check for null values in my code and set the default there also?!? @jody.albritton am i mistaken that this used to work fine?


I am experiencing the same issue.
Any idea how to fix that?

no it seems this is broken, you can obviously set the default and it looks to work, but unless the user actually selects it themselves it does not set. i ended up removing the default values and forcing the users selection instead…