Device offline but still controlled through Routine

Hi all,

Recently had an outdoor outlet (believed to be GE/Jasco, using the standard Z-wave Switch Edge driver) go offline. It’s been offline for a couple of weeks. I can’t control it directly from the app as it times out, nor can I change the driver directly from the app. It had worked fine after the automatic Edge migration.

But what’s interesting, is it stull turns on and off reliably with Routines.

Any idea how/why this is possible?


I’ve had this issue for years with a GE/Jasco receptacle. I have a light that is plugged into the socket that is controlled. That receptacle is offline 99% of the time, but the routines I’ve created for that light work perfectly. I’ve just learned to accept it. If I need to make changes to that device, I have to switch the breaker off/on and it will stay online for a few hours. I make my changes, the routines fire without fail, but the device is offline. I found an article years ago about this issue with GE/Jasco devices.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo I am wondering if Mariano has a solution for this? I have 2 of these GE Outdoor plugs (sockets) that work, but report offline. Same for my Schlage Camelot lock. I have a robust Z-Wave mesh that had no problems with things being offline in the way it’s all laid out on Hubitat. As soon as I switched to the Aeotec V3 ST hub, is the first time I’ve run into this and I’m doubting it is due to lack of a good mesh. Some of the Z-wave devices I have that are even further away than the GE Outdoor plugs are working well and online. I’ve also ran the Z-wave repair from the Aeotec hub, but that unfortunately didn’t help and why I feel it’s likely just shortcomings of some of the default Edge drivers

The offline state is not controlled by the driver, it is the hub firmware that analyzes the messages on the network and determines the status of the device.

Normally it is a network problem.

If they were battery powered, the wakeup interval configuration could influence, but this is not the case.

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Good to know. That device of course is an AC powered device. So somehow, the Aeotec hub / firwmware doesn’t handle the dense mesh as well as Hubitat did. This device is in my garage, along with several other AC powered Z-Wave devices, so it’s strange the rest are fine, but this one is not. Not sure why that’s the result. I know an Aeotec USB hub can analyze data on the mesh, but I’d rather not go there.

Perhaps it just doesn’t handle the offline status as well. You would think any communication from the device to the hub–such as a response from controlling it from a routine (or manually)–would clear the offline indication. Others have also reported this and are as mystified… :thinking:


The application does not allow you to send commands to an offline device, except for a refresh command, which on non-sleeping devices returns them online when the network is good and device respond.

The routines can also send commands to the device even if it is offline and if the network is good the device answers and goes online.

The driver itself can keep a false device online by periodically emitting its latest status, but if device is really offline it would be an unwanted problem.

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Yeah, I’m just not sure what the solution is in this case, given it all worked as expected on Hubitat, which doesn’t make me suspicious there’s any device problems (they worked well). Also, it’s plugged into the same AC outlet as my GoControl garage door opener that is working fine. I’d guess the generic base-lock Z-wave Lock driver doesn’t send it’s status periodically as mentioned.

Interestingly, for about 3 devices (Schlage, First Alert and an Inovelli (founder in the US, Eric and I used to talk daily before he finally settled on that name for the US market)) all work as they should once I un-paired and re-paired them as through all the ST years, is still apparently a thing / valid fix (pun sorta intended lol).