Device offline notification gone

For those of you on Android, do you get device offline notifications? I’ve checked both the app settings and the system level app settings and everything is turned on. When the hub is offline I get notices, but not for devices. I get spammed with low battery notices though which is painful as my Visonic contact sensors can go months at like 11% or less, but that’s a separate issue.

Back in the before times I disabled all those notices and used a Groovy app to send me SMS when certain devices reached certain battery levels. I vaguely remember working with support to stop the low battery notices via the app and think they had me delete the stock app health monitor. . . which never actually made any difference, but since that was groovy I assume it doesn’t matter anyway, but though I would mention in case it does.

Yes, I get device offline notifications. It’s been annoying lately with a few of my leak sensors dropping off and coming back an hour or two later.

If you wanted to it off, do you know how’d you’d do that? Thinking of I look at the reverse of that maybe I can get them to show. This may require me to go to support, but pretty low hopes for help there.


I don’t get those either.

I haven’t deliberately turned anything off. I just haven’t had notifications for connection or battery status for years now.

I don’t think I have seen how to turn it off. However, I really want to fix the issue of them going offline. (these Fibaro leak sensors used to be solid).

any luck trying to get these notifications to stop? I’m used to HomeAssistant where I have control over everything, recently giving Smartthings a try at a new house, but several of my Zooz water and temp sensors, using edge drivers and great network coverage, ping “offline” and “online” notifications several times a day. I’m about to throw the ST hub into a lake and just go back to HA if I can’t stop these “device offline” “device online” notifications from blowing up my phone 20x a day!!

I tried to fix the cause (not turning off the notifications) by excluding, resetting, and re-including 3 of the sensors. I then did the Z-wave repair until no errors happened. After that, I did have a couple of them go offline and back online, but in the past day or two, it’s been quiet…I don’t think I fixed it, but we’ll see.

Thanks for the update - glad it’s stabilizing for you. My devices are all battery powered and tend to sleep for about 24 hours at a time (mostly my water leak sensors) - which is fine. However, it seems like ST wants to hear from them more often than every 24h so it loves to tell me that sensors are down. then they’re up. then they’re down. at this point it’s just crying wolf and i’ll never believe any offline alert ever, so I’d rather just turn them off. Zwave network is just a single ST hub in a very small condo with about 10 battery powered water and temp sensors. all sensors work perfect when triggered, they just like to sleep most of the day :slight_smile:

I never though of it being the time they sleep causing it. I have over half a dozen of the Fibaro ones and only 3 or 4 we’re giving me issues. I have some ST Zigbee ones and zero issues with them.