Device handler for sylvania PAR38 bulb--can't publish the DTH

I am trying to create a device handler for a sylvania Smart + PAR38 bulb and am running into issues. I followed a pdf 91with instructions to create a device handler from template but when I try to create it and then modify it I get this error message and the process stops right Run Locally Permission not allowed for DeviceType: 7e5224d3-6444-4e3a-a4f9-a52c557ccaba
I can’t get to the screen where I can save and publish the DH. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Have you tried removing " runLocally: true, minHubCoreVersion: ‘000.019.00012’, executeCommandsLocally: true)"?

Yes, I did try it but it didn’t work. I just got another error message. I don’t plan on dimming the lights at the present time and they work OK. So I will forget this for now.

Just an update. I paired these lights and they came up Zigbee Dimmer. For some reason I thought I had to create a device handler for these, but they work as expected dimming and all. Nice bulb.

Haha, no custom handler needed. Pair out of the box and run local.