Device Handler for Aeotec Smart Secure Heavy Duty Switch


(Artis Pagsanjan) #1

I have an Aeotec Smart Secure Heavy Duty Switch connected to my UK v2 SmartThings hub (using to control storage water heater). I’ve been searching for ways to be able to automatically turn off the switch after being turned on for certain period of time. The built-in handler currently has no such option. Appreciate any inputs you could share…

(MarkTr) #2

Go to Automation, Smart Apps, Smart Lighting. Create a new Lighting Automation. Select your switch, turn off, trigger power allowance, pick a time.

(Artis Pagsanjan) #3

Hi @MarkTr,
Thank you for your quick inputs. However, as I checked, the option is the same as the existing trigger; that is, triggering at a specific time. What I am looking for is to trigger, say, after 1 hour of being turned on.

(Artis Pagsanjan) #4

Oh, sorry @MarkTr, I found it!.. As you shared, power allowance option can set the trigger of duration time. Great!.. thanks much!!!