Developer "rewards program"

I appreciate all the work individual contributors have made to the ST ecosystem. Wouldn’t it be nice to reward them with some sort of incentive? It would probably accelerate development on areas that consumers are most interested in.


I, as a consumer, can buy Smartthings Coins from the Smartthings shop. I can then give coins to developers on the forums who are either working on, or have completed a project. The developer can then turn around and spend this virtual currency in the Smarrthings shop to buy new devices and consequently, more neat things will happen.

“Developers, Developers, Developers” - Steve Ballmer
(and no I’m not a Microsoft fan boy, but Ballmer had it right)


Paypal donate buttons work well. But I would like to see some sort of community driven developer support for 3rd party integrations…

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I’ve boycotted Paypal long ago. I won’t get into their policies here because there are other ways to transfer money. I just think SmartCoins (hehe :)) could also be a badge of pride, for example in their profile it could list how many SmartCoins (votes) they’ve received.

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I would just use bitcoin. Developing your own pay systems is quite complicated and when real money is transferred into virtual currency, you gots a lot of 'splaning to do to the IRS every year.