New Ideas incentivies

With a growing community of interested like minded people, is there an incentive or share in the project development of a new idea?

From incubation to distribution?

There are millions of ideas within the community and not all would become a final product but there would be many that could. It just needs a vehicle to present the idea and participate in the process.

There may or may not be any transfer of funds for the idea but the credit of being part of a project might be enough.

Is there already a process within Smartthings already?


Few ideas were tossed around. No feedback from “the management” though. :slight_smile:

Cheers, will keep an eye on this post as well.


Are you thinking a voting system? Projects that gain enough popularity will somehow get support from SmartThings staff?


Actually what SmartThings needs to do is pretty simple, either use the google play ecosystem (I think I heard that this is Android based?) or create a ecosystem, where the people working on the various applications can get some return for their time. You would still have applications that would be open source, but you would also have some professional applications that would do much more than the basic applications we have today.

Of course, setting this up and getting the right balance would be difficult.

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I like the voting system idea @sirtaran Lucas

@theedpope Not familiar with Google’s ecosystem but maybe a solution.

These sorts of ideas like a Google Play Store or Apple App Store are exactly what we have in mind for folks to share and/or offer for a fee their SmartApps and new Device Types in the future. Some of the simple case SmartApps may never have a lot of monetization options, but we could see (and already have) some more sophisticated developer efforts using algorithms, and logic, etc that could charge a one-time fee or even a subscription. We envision that this ecosystem be available not only to partnering companies but also independent developers. This blog post has more details of the plan as we start to lay it out:

@Ben I missed that, awesome news. And extremely good to hear that this is in the works. As always… ah… When will we expect to see it (and do not worry I will add 3 months on the date for myself so that you have plenty of time to be off here (SMILE))

Not saying that you guys are slow, just know how things work, sometimes the best ideas take the longest time to work out.