I’m currently working on integrating the SmartThings Hub into a custom Android app using the SmartThings API. As part of the development process, I need to access the SmartThings Preview Console. However, when I try to navigate to the following URL:, I encounter a 403 Forbidden error.

Is there something I might be missing or any specific permissions required to access the Preview Console? Has anyone else experienced this issue, and if so, how did you resolve it?

Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

We’ve moved on from ‘developer-preview’, stuff is now in ‘’.

Hi, @asad_khan. Welcome to the SmartThings Community!
Could you provide more details about this, please?
The SmartThings Console (current address: is used to certify Hub-Connected devices and you mentioned you’re integrating a SmartThings Hub into your own Android app, what does that mean? For example:

  • You’re trying to get access to the devices connected to it to send them commands
  • You would like to install a SmartThings Hub in that specific app. In that case, it isn’t possible, those Hubs are only supported in the SmartThings app.
  • You want to integrate a device that requires a Hub (Zigbee/Z-Wave/Matter) in the SmartThings platform and you’d like to certify it.

I’m trying to get client id and client secret for rest API but I’m not able access console.

@nayelyz If you go into the Developer Workspace and follow the flow ‘New Project’ > ‘Device Integration’ > ‘SmartThings Hub’ you are presented with the following dialogue which has the old URL for the Certification Console.

The Developer Workspace is rather inconsistent. If you are creating a WebHook app, for example, you can usefully create a ‘New Project’ with the skeleton of an app on a server (and at a push with an idea of the URL you intend to use). So you are doing it early on. With a Hub Connected Device a ‘New Project’ starts you in the Certification Console. You are much, much further on at that stage. I personally find that a little counter-intuitive.

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I’m not sure if I understood your point so, I’m going to mention the following and please tell me if it makes sense:

Since the Hub-Connected integrations used Groovy, we performed their tests in another platform and we didn’t have to use the Dev WS to register and be able to use them in the app as we do with a SmartApp.
When you created a new project for Hub-Connected it was only to register the corresponding information needed for certification, here’s an old project of this type:

Now that we have Edge drivers, we also don’t need the Dev WS or Console to register and be able to use them, nor share them with others.
So, if we register something Hub-Connected is only for certification purposes.

Or, in this context, do you consider it counter-intuitive because it should have a different terminology rather than “new project”?

I’ll report the issue with the link and I think if possible, we could remove the option from there since it’s no longer used.

I think ‘New Project’ rather implies a blank sheet of paper so the old Groovy Device Handlers flow was doing it right by sending you to the IDE to do your development, often never to return unless you were intent on certification.

Personally I want to see every possible type of development project featured in the Development Workspace, even if it is only to send you elsewhere. It is already strange that SmartApp based cloud integrations no longer seem to be considered worth a mention.


Hi, everyone.

Just following up, the link of “Navigate to SmartThings Console” was updated and now you should be redirected to

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