Detecting Sonos - Through Wireless Extender...?


I have one of my Sonos devices plugged directly into a Wireless Extender and the extender connects directly to my main router. I did this so I could take advantage of SonosNet (mesh networking) and it’s worked great.

Additional notes:

  1. My Harmony Hub can detect all the Sonos devices without a hitch
  2. Amazon Alexa can detect all the Sonos devices without a hitch
  3. I have 5 Play:1 speakers and 1 Connect


When I have my SmartThings hub try to detect all of my Sonos devices, it appears to only see one of them and gives up. Upon further investigation, I noticed the device it’d pick-up was random and it’d be labeled say, “Kitchen”, yet it’d really be the “Dining Room” speaker.

I looked at the MAC address SmartThings was picking up and it was the actual Wireless Extender and not any associated Sonos MAC address. Any way to get this working? Thanks in advance for any assistance.