ST not able to discover sonos

The SmartThings hub is not able to discover any of my Sonos speakers even through they are on the same network.

I am seeing the same thing.

We are currently reworking a large portion of our sonos integration. Please submit a support ticket so we can track your problem.

Sonos connect can be a tricky thing to do. …

Define “Same network” !!!

Having a repeater or extension and/or having your sonos bridge connected to it … IT WILL NOT CONNECT!

Make sure your smarthhing hub and the Sonos bridge are connected WIRED to the same router/hub then do your discover.

After you install the sonos connect, make sure your router has the IP address of your sonos in its DHIP list , then you can move your bridge anywhere in your network…

Have you all found a fix for the Sonos issue?