Detect when Apple TV off/sleeps?

Anyone know of a way for SmartThings to detect when my Apple TV sleeps or is off? I have a Logitech harmony hub that can be put to use too, but I don’t think it tells SmartThings the status of individual devices. If none of this will work, would force me to upgrade the tv to a smart tv so I can detect when the tv itself is off.

Throw a SmartPlug on it that monitors energy.

Create Virtual Switch (Apple TV)

Use webCoRE to make a rule:

If power is above x
Then turn on Apple TV
Else turn off Apple TV

I also use a Custom App called Host Pinger that lets me know when my network devices are active. It runs on a Pi3.


This might help you, although I haven’t tried it.

Unfortunately, The kuku Harmony project wouldn’t add anything that would help this particular use case. That project (which requires adding an additional device as a server) allows you to have smartthings issue commands for individual harmony buttons. But it doesn’t get you any additional status information coming back from Harmony. And even if it did, harmony doesn’t know if the television is on if it was turned on by some other method. So it’s not going to tell you if the television is on or not.


This is how i do it, i have the strip taped over the LED on the Apple TV.

If your feeling motivated you could setup the Kuku Harmony. Then use a power monitoring device as the power source.

There is a setting in KuKu setup that you tell it what device to use to monitor the power usage and it will know if the device is on or off by that.

With that done you should be able to turn Apple TV on or off, not sure what else since I don’t have an Apple TV. So when KuKu sees the power usage it will show the device as on in Smartthings.

I currently do this for 2 TV’s and 1 Window AC unit.

Why couldn’t this be done with just webCoRE? Less to go wrong…

It 100% can and possibly simpler. I was just sharing and expanding on the KuKu option.

Also with using KuKu (if you wanted, I rarely do) you can select the device and use the other buttons like volume up, down ECT…

I was sharing what I have done, there are probably a BUNCH of ways to do the same thing in Smartthings using different devices and such.

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Understood. For the record, I have KuKu installed as well. Don’t find much use for it anymore now that I have Echos for each display.