Presence &/or virtual switch via IP ping?

I’ve searched and found various old smartapps that use various schemes of smartapps/router scripts/etc. But with latest SmartThings v2 hub… is there a simple device type that could ping an IP address every minute or so and indicate presence based on that? Or, ping something like xbox or TV IP address to set a virtual switch if it is on or off?

I am new user of ST
I am very interesed to device who can ping TV/PC/XBOX/SERVER
If someone have any information, it could be cool
I need this to ping my room tv and, when OFF after 22 pm, launche the good night routine.
Thank you

For cheap, a Raspberry PI 3 with Host Pinger installed can do this without much fuss. Can also be installed on any Linux, Mac or Windows PC. I set up my PI 3 for about $40. It’s one of the major components of my Home Automation System. Can do MANY things!


Just curious… what all you are doing with Pi and SmartThings :slight_smile:

  1. I monitor 28 sensors that were pre-installed for my Alarm System now integrated into ST via an Alarm Server running on the PI 3.

  2. I have Host Pinger installed to monitor IP addresses and sync virtual switches to their on/off status. I used these switches to create various Home Automation Rules.

  3. I have a custom find my iPhone server running on the PI 3 to ping my various Apple devices just like the Find My iPhone online applet.

  4. I use VLC Thing to play custom sounds for various events that occur.

  5. I use a custom Harmony Applet to have complete control over my 3 Harmony Hubs and the devices that are connected to it.

  6. I use the GPIO to trigger various relays that are tied to my Home Automation.

  7. Have a stat sever running to show various uses from various devices connected to ST.

  8. Stream Videos and Music from my Home Server.