Detect power out on plug?

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Is there any device/app combination that I could use to detect if power is out on a particular outlet?

Yesterday my wife hired some neighbor kids to do some yard work and I think their electric trimmer triggered my GFI … I found out last night, per chance, when I tried to plug in a shopvac to clean out my traeger. Turns out, the two freezers in the garage are on the same GFI circuit as the outside plugs. I was able to catch it before anything started to thaw out (thank god I decided to clean the grill).

Anyhow, I’d just like to be notified if the power to that circuit goes down again … and it doesn’t have to be immediate either.


I’m not sure if there is such a thing but someone used a temp sensor on (or in?) their freezer to detect change in a range of temperature, which I believed saved the contents.

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Thinking about it, I’m wondering if I could write a smart app that would monitor a smartplug and send a notification if it becomes “unavailable”. That might be enough for my situation, and would be fairly easy if a smart app can detect that state.


If you are a webCoRE user, @ady624 added a $status attribute that draws from ST’s device health. Example below:


7/12/2017, 9:09:25 AM +439ms
+192ms	║OSRAM status: OFFLINE
+213ms	║Front Lock Status: ACTIVE

7/12/2017, 9:08:55 AM +170ms
+169ms	║OSRAM status: OFFLINE
+190ms	║Front Lock Status: ACTIVE

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I sometimes have the same problem so I did this:

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Good idea … I was going to look into hacking a solution doing something similar using an esp8266 arduino with a rechargeable battery (more work than your implementation). If the detection of the device going OFFLINE doesn’t work out, I might give yours a try.

Looks like there is already an app (Device Monitor) that will monitor selected devices and notify if they go offline. I’ll try it out and see how it works.

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In the UK it’s cheaper to use wet/dry sensors (just cut the plug off and use the relay to join the wires)
Once I discovered they work like that I have used a few of them to connect different things to Smartthings and don’t use the door contacts any more

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I find it’s cheap for me to use a GoControl contact sensor, 5V relay and a USB charger for this purpose. Great success with this hack.

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Awww… now you’re just rubbing my face in it…
Us poor Brits don’t get half the things you guys do