Refrigerator monitor

I recently had an issue where a storm blew threw and the power went out. Somehow the GFI receptacle my garage refrigerator was plugged into tripped without me knowing, and was off for several days…obviously causing a bunch of items to spoil.

This got me thinking – is there any sort of power receptacle or plug that monitors whether or not the item that’s plugged into it is receiving power? I have researched a bit online and on this forum, and couldn’t find a great solution… So I thought I would reach out to the geniuses on here :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems like there should be a solution for something like this – let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

There are many solutions documented here for “power circuit monitoring” such as this one that I leveraged for my sump pump circuit:

You need a battery operated sensor that will still be able to communicate with the hub if that circuit goes out. The use of a relay will make this work as documented.

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Also look at the “Freezer monitor” project as this monitors the door and temperature. IMO a better way to know if everything is working.

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Thanks much!!

FYI I just have an ST sensor locked in a Ziplock in my freezer. I have it on a AA cell holder wired to the button cell tabs. The wires are long enough to hang outside the freezer past the seal of the door. That way the batteries are always warm.
Monitored by a simple Piston to let me know if the temp changes from -18C.

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I have a similar solution with an Aqara temp/humidity sensor inside the freezer. Works well on -20 C.

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