[Depricated] Lock Code Manager

Is this smartapp repeatedly polling locks that is has in its list? Im trying to figure out why my keypad is reporting its temperature every 5 min

The default device type polls every 6 minutes AFAIK.

Ah so I have to go lookin at the DTH then. Great app by the way!

I’ve been a lurker here for a while. I just tried to install a Kwickset 916 and add this but I seem to be in a similar boat as @sean_burke above. I never set any codes on the device at installation because I figured I would set this with this SmartApp. I have changed the DeviceHandler and the SmartApp to what is in the GitHub Repo for this project. I can send the device Lock and Unlock commands from ST which is obeys, and it goes to the -ing state on the outside tile, but not the status once clicked on the device itself. I can only get it to report any changes in Lock/Unlock if I press the Refresh Button inside the device. And, no codes have been sent to the device, apparent as it will not even allow me to lock the door from the keypad, yet alone unlock. I know my lock is not on the list of tested units, but I was hopeful it would be supported, as this has all of the features that I was looking for except for the ability to lock the door automatically as long as the door is closed either automatically or at a Mode Change. Please advise if there is some step I may have missed or data I can provide to help troubleshoot this.

hello - please help me make this code work. i have done all steps up to this one:
Scroll down to ‘My Apps’ / Tap
in my android smarththings app there is no choice “my apps” - please advise how to get this setup so i can assign
codes to my door lock. thanks!

Are you logged into the correct IDE? I had the same issue and discovered that my problem was poor load balancing practices by the smartthings web development team. (Still not fixed).

The below thread set me on the right path:

are you replying to my question? if so i am on NA02 - but how do i check this on the mobile app? are you saying this is why the “my apps” choice does not appear on the mobile app? does this option appear on your mobile app? do i need to contact samsung support to get this menu option to show up? can you tell me how to use the smart lock functions on the web site instead of the mobile app - as that is not covered in the tutorial above. thanks!

Newbie here… I’ve tried searching this answer but haven’t really found much on the actual use of the app. I have successfully installed it per the instructions on this thread, but have a few questions. Can this be used to manage schedules for individual codes? Ex: I have 4 user codes, each of which I would like to set independent schedules for. It appears I cant set individual schedules. Also, now that I’ve installed this, are the codes that I manually entered into the schlage lock gone and replaced only with the user codes I enter into the app?

If you need individual schedules, look into trying the new app. It is only in beta.

As for codes. If you add a code into the same slot where a manual one existed, it will be overwritten with your new code.

i now see in the logs that a code was set for my door lock 2 days ago of code “1” - how did this happen if i did not set it? how do i remove it and replace it? please instruct how to change/remove codes from the smartthings web page for devices - thanks.

I don’t think a code of only one numeral can be set (though I have not tried). Is that message saying code slot 1 was updated? If so, something must exist for slot 1. If you don’t want it, the simplest way is to mark it disabled.

here is the one number code:

PLEASE tell me HOW to mark as disabled, delete, replace, or create codes - i can’t see any of those options on this screen! thanks!

You need to do that through the lock manager smart app on your phone. Click on ‘Automations’ at the bottom, ‘SmartApps’ at the top, then the Lock Code Manager. The settings can be found in there.

only apps shown in automation smartapps are IFTTT and Alexa - please advise how to add lock code manager to mobile since it is setup on web. are you saying i can’t use the lock code manager from the web page??

So the lock code manager needs to be installed through the web page, but you can only configure it through the phone app.

If you don’t have the app installed (or no longer plan on using it) then change your DTH for the lock to the standard Z-Wave Lock by editing your lock device. This will remove the entry in SmartThings. You will also need to manually remove or overwrite the code from the keypad on your lock for slot 1.

Otherwise you will need to reinstall the lock code manager SmartApp to overwrite the code for slot 1.

as i said in the first line - i have the phone app installed but do not see the lock listed there. i do see it listed on the web page so that tells me it is installed - so how to get it installed on the mobile app?

Thanks for the quick response. The instructions for the old app had links which opened the source code directly, this one takes me to github (which I’m not familiar with yet). Do I use the “lock-manager.src” or the “lock-user.src” file?

So the lock code manager is two pieces. One the lock code manager smartapp and the other the Z-Wave Lock DTH. You definitely have the DTH installed or you would not get the message you showed. Try and see if the lock code manager app shows up under ‘Marketplace’, SmartApps, ‘My Apps’. If it doesn’t show up there then the SmartApp is not installed correctly.

The new version is built using parents and children. Since this is in development, they have been built as separate scripts. You will need to have both installed as SmartApps.

as i said - there is no option for ‘My Apps’ under Marketplace/SmartApps so that’s the original question, how to install SmartApp? thanks!