B-hyve and myQ ST support?

I have the subject wifi devices for my lawn irrigation and garage door opener. I was opening with all the recent protocol and platform changes there may be a simple way to add them to my ST hub but I have not seen any. Is this now possible or must I continue relying on the specific brand’s app?

for MyQ, you will need to host an “always on” MyQ server on your home network (windows, mac, rpi, NAS):

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B-Hyve can integrate with Amazon, but it’s a command level integration though. Meaning there are no devices that you can see, you can only give it commands. “Alexa, tell bhyve to water the front yard for 30 minutes.”

Orbit has never had any integration with SmartThings.

There was a ST app to control the orbit hose timer, but that never got expanded for bhyve.

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Wow, it worked. Thanks.

Thanks. Don’t know if I can figure this out but will give it a try.